How to Structure the Cutting Phase Right

Most of the people lose a lot of muscle mass when they start cutting simply because they don’t know how to structure the cutting phase properly. One should be aware that the body is always trying to maintain a homeostasis – this means that it is searching for the most comfortable state, without any stress. However, when you begin the cutting period it is almost inevitable to do very radical changes to your diet and training. Many people are starting to cut and they lower their calories, lower the weights they are using and increase the cardio – all of these simultaneously. 

This combination of stress factors leads to drastic rise in cortisol and other stress hormones, which leads to lowered metabolic rate and weaker body. The person is often left frustrated at why he or she is looking smaller, flatter and fatter. If you want to evade such situation there is one thing you can do – ask me. You are lucky enough to get a very valuable tip on how to structure your cutting phase properly. Pay attention and take notes:

1. Increase training load, but don’t lower calories 

Lowering of calories means owering of the basic metabolic rate, which means that you will burn less fat during the day. Instead of lowering calories at first, try increasing your workout volume. This will lead to more calories burned and more Growth Hormone secreted.
2. Lower carbs slowly over a long period of time 

This will guarantee minimal loss of strength and energy. At the beginning of the diet when you increase training volume try to maximize carb intake as well, so that in the weeks to come you will slowly start lowering the amount of carbs. The more carbs you consume at the beginning of your diet – the more you will have to reduce from and thus, the bigger the capacity for fat loss will be. Lower carbs 5% each week. 

3. Incorporate cardio after 1 month from the date you started 

If you start cardio along with the diet – this may cause big stress on the body. Rather do the diet for 1 month so that you adapt to the lowered amount of carbs and increased training volume and only after you reach a plateau – then start the cardio. Make sure you start with short training sessions and slowly increase over another 1-month period of time. Star with 10 minute sessions 2-3 time per week and slowly increase to 30 minute over a month.

4. Incorporate fat-burning supplements

In order to constantly have progress and don't want to reach a plateau you should incorporate different elements at different phases. Start you fat-burning supplements after several weeks being on a diet. Start with L-carnitine, Yohimbine and Caffeine.

5. Here is a summary of the steps you should take to minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss for a 12- week cutting cycle:

a) Increase training volume - week 1-2
b) Start lowering carbohydrates – week 3-4
c) Incorporate fat-burning supplements – week – 5-6
d) Start cardio – week 7-8
e) Finish Diet – week 8-12

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