Muscle Preservation during long periods of fasting or lack of food

I am often busy and travelling and nutrition becomes a problematic issue. You cannot get your nutrients the same way as you do when you are at home, thus you have to think of an alternative in order to preserve your muscle mass. There are basically few options that you can use. I personally always use one of the following methods in order to keep my muscles toned and not to lose mass and feel tired when I don’t have a good food source nearby.

1. Package food in boxes:

The best way to eat on the road is to prepare food ahead and take it with you in boxes. Most of the time I prepare food at home, put it in boxes and take it with me wherever I go. Buy a pair of plastic boxes and put your meat and vegetables so that every time you need to eat you will have a quality food source with you.

2. BCAA drinks 

Another very efficient way to get essential nutrients with you is to put 10-20 grams of Branched-chained amino acids and 5-10 grams of glutamine in 1-2 liters of water and take it with you wherever you goal. This way your muscles will always have the most essential amino acids supplied to them and despite the fact that you may feel hungry you will still be getting the most important muscle building and anti-catabolic elements. You will also you’re your body hydrated since most of the BCAA-glutamine supplements contain electrolytic compounds as well.

3. Drink Casein

Drinking 30-40 grams of casein before you leave or go somewhere is a very good idea since casein digests slowly and it may take up to 6-7 hours to complete digest. This means that you will have a steady flow of amino acids throughout this period of time. This is another very easy and convenient way to supercharge your muscles and prevent muscle tissue catabolism simply by taking a quality casein protein.

4. Rest

If there is NO WAY to get any food or supplements during that period my advice is to rest as more as possible and drink plenty of liquids in order not to raise catabolic hormones and keep adequate hydration. Once you have the chance to eat, make sure that you ingest an adequate amount for protein 40-50 grams with carbohydrates like white rice or potatoes in order to charge your muscles. Before the meal take 5-10 grams of BCAA to quick start protein synthesis and halt protein breakdown.

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